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2 September 1988
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Meh...I watch Animal Planet because its just as interesting as reality shows. I'm all about getting my work done and partying the night away. I am Bri. I am just becoming a butterfly. I have broken from my shell of shyness, indecision and youth and have found a pretty good looking (if I do say so myself), hard working, motivated and opinionated young woman.
I am a sucker for BAD SITUATIONS. And I don't get out of them very well either. My romantic judgement is fucked and I am in a relationship with someone I do not love.
This butterfly has recently began to be interested in the world of woman because our beauty and sensibility is so much more attractive than a man's. As a free woman, I am also bound by family, school and friends so I keep in on the Down Low.
I like a body buzz, I like to feel good. Pot is really never my choice in drugs. I like experiments, especially experiments that show me what drugs can really do for you. I am not addicted to anything and of all people, I think I should be pretty wary of addiction. My mother died from overdosing on Percocet when I was almost 17. Which would be three years ago this past July 17.
She battled addiction for 3 years before that.
Luckily, I have battled the demons that haunted the memories of my past mother.
I am pretty open, open-minded, love to talk, so hit a brotha up.